The Benefits of Remote Racking

Protect What's Important

Your Personnel

By using the inoRAC3 Remote Racking Device, you eliminate the risk of arc flash injury for your employees by allowing them to remotely operate circuit breakers from outside of the dangerous Arc Flash Boundary. Remote Racking is the quickest and most cost-effective way to remove your people from danger.

Your Equipment

Unlike competing products, the inoRAC3 monitors torque at two separate setpoints and applies it only when needed. The unit measures ‘Stab Torque’ and ‘Racking Torque’ in ft-lbs (foot-pounds), which allows it to be more accurate and provide optimal equipment protection.

Your Investment

The inoRAC3 is designed to be a lasting component of your Safety Program. Firmware and Hardware upgrades, as well as Conversion Packages and inSERVICE Multi-Year Support Agreements are available with every purchase.

Meet the Team

These guys are only a call or email away.

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Mike Lambert

Accoung Management Specialist

Mike brings to the table over 30 years of experience in industrial and electronic equipment sales, in and around the Baton Rouge area. "Mr. Awesome" has a reputation for troubleshooting problems and suggesting the right solutions. He's got mad karoke and DJ skills, as well. Call Mike: (225) 287-1534

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Bryan Burnham

Business Development Specialist

Bryan is an Electrical Engineer from Louisiana State University. He has worked in multiple engineering and project management roles, which included power system design, studies and infrastructure integration. And he can tell you the best places to eat in any major US city. Call Bryan: (225) 270-6189

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Chris Ordes

Production Vice-President

Chris has over 30 years of experience with industrial power systems, electrial power distribution systems, automation and controls, switchgear maintenance and repair, and is the technical support expert for the inoRAC Remote Racking unit. Ask him to show you all of his cool telescope pictures of outer space. Call Chris: (225) 200-2465

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